Some people got on my ass for using AI as a tool in my art. I hold it’s a piece of access technology. With that in mind, I made the following.

The image is a composite of two distinct parts. &10;&10;The top part features a cartoonish illustration of two green aliens with large black eyes. They are set against a pink background with stars. Above them, there is text that reads: "We Ain't Stealin', We're just taking back. Simple statement of fact" -- Jimmy Buffet.&10;&10;The bottom part is a vibrant, colorful illustration of a woman singing on stage. She has curly hair and is wearing a bright yellow jacket over a white top. She is holding a microphone and appears to be very happy, with a big smile on her face. The background is filled with colorful lights and confetti, and there is a crowd of people behind her, suggesting a lively concert atmosphere.