Official About Page

Hello, and congratulations on spending your quality time with me and my stuff. In case you clicked this link from one of my socials or if you clicked the “About” link in the navbar, my name is Randy, and I sometimes go by Changeling. **The Starship Changeling" is the way I think of the collection of my thoughts ideas, observations, etc. Another way to look at this blog is to think of it as a slightly rambling but overall user friendly operator’s guide for yours truly.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time here, the site is organized by category. If you’re following from Mastodon or some other Fediverse platform, then I’m afraid you just get my unfiltered stream of consciousness–lucky you. :P The categories also generate their own RSS feeds that can be followed in an RSS reader. The categories are called the archive.

You should also check out the footer of any site page or the Bonified Socials to see where some of this content is available in other places. Keep in mind, I am extremely particular about what gets posted to what platform, so your best bet is to follow this site.

Thank you, and enjoy your ride on Starship Changeling!