Finished reading: The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld 📚

I won’t spoil it by including the message of the story, but I will say it’s a good one. I was thinking, am I a good rabbit? In the bunniverse, I’m the goon. I listen, but I also have a chaotic thought process and energy which yields results that create forces and ideas not ideal for all riders.

That’s okay, The Bunniverse also has this overlord–

Did I say overlord? I meant benevolent caretaker.

Anyway, she calls herself The Good Fairy. In a world where the caretaker has to put “Good” in their name, I’d rather be a goon, even if it is the punishment for not following the rules. If the rabbit listens, then the goon knows not to trust someone who needs to put “Good”. Similar self-praising adjectives should also apply. The same with people smile too much, always talk in a happy voice, always insist on keeping it positive, etc.

So when the song that features She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is sung, I wonder how many people memorize a moral that was told to them. The moral being follow the always follow the rules of the one who takes care you or be turned into a creature your group, your society finds objectionable, apparently the worst possible outcome in this scinario.

Good Fairy?"

I also hope there are those who listen and follow the rules based on a trust factor. I’ve always valued being trusted more than I value being liked. I think that’s why that song annoys the holy Hell out of me.