@Changeling FTR, this is the issue I am still referencing over a week after the fact.

<blockquote class="quoteback" data-title="" data-author="Changeling" data-avatar="micro.blog/Changelin..." cite="https://starshipchangeling.net/2024/05/28/are-we-seriously.html"><p>Are we seriously not able to sync ringtones between our Mac and our iPhones in 2024 using voiceover? All the articles I can find on how to do it tell me to drag and drop, but I don’t know where to drop the file and all my attempts are failing. Does anyone know how to go about this?</p><footer>Changeling <cite><a href="https://starshipchangeling.net/2024/05/28/are-we-seriously.html" class="u-in-reply-to">https://starshipchangeling.net/2024/05/28/are-we-seriously.html</a></cite></footer></blockquote><script src="https://cdn.micro.blog/quoteback.js"></script>