📗 Yes And

    📗 Yes And


    Pronunciation: Yes. AND!

    Derived from the shorthand of the first rule of improv.

    No questions. Always respond with Yes and… Before adding more detail to said improv.

    Simplification for expression of the often complex state in which two conclusions are true at one time and are technically thought of and are not necessarily exclusively separate from each other, meaning these two conclusions can always be true at the same time, but many people cannot function in a way that allows for true validity of both conclusions, usually for reason of bias, inexperience, or yes and. Depending on the situation, there can be more than two valid conclusions. Bias, inexperience, pride, self-preservation, yes and.

    Being able to function in a state of yes and is an indicator of emotional maturity if not good or gradually improving mental health.

    Other examples not given as many yes and situations involve socially polarized statements and ideas typically found allover the place.



    Pronounced pan-duh. My personal word that refers to someone for whom I am experiencing panalterous attraction, a grey area characterized by extreme emotional closeness without a romantic or sexual component.

    Usage Examples

    • Will you be my panda?
    • I’m going out for some pizza with my panda later tonight.
    • My panda and I are renting an apartment in downtown Kalamazoo together.
    • I’d like you to meet Taylor. We’re pandas.


    The feeling needn’t be mutual for me to classify someone as my panda. Bringing the social aspect depicted in the above examples does require mutual consent.



    Pronounced fizzy-verse or fizza-verse.

    Short for physical universe, refers to physical world. Replaces the term in real life (IRL) in the distinguishing between online and IRL. online and/or in the physiverse. This change acknowledge that what happens online and in the physiverse are both real, particular with the rise of remote work back in 2020.


    • Will the event take place online or in the physiverse?
      • I hang out with my online friends to escape to pressures of my existence in the physiverse.