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I don’t think being a synesthete gets blogged about as often as it should. I personally find my multi sensory experiences actually give me a knack for looking at situations from different angles. It also carries a special relationship with, if not talent for words and music. I’ve three of my favorite experiences here to get the ball rolling, and this may be the first of a series of long and short-form posts that communicate my experiences with Synesthesia. With that, let’s get on to the big three, to coin a phrase.

1: Early Morning and Evening swims

Randy up to their shoulders in the swimming pool with the pool house behind them in the background after dark with night lighting on.
There’s a lot at work here. First, there’s the texture of the water. It feels like liquid circles when I touch it. It feels like the most flexible wrapping material when I’m in it.

There’s also the combination of aromas. There’s chlorine, used suntan lotion, meals being cooked in other apartments and laundry soap sometimes. These combine with the texture of the water to help create a relaxing experience.

Finally, there’s music if I’m playing it, the sounds of outside if I’m not. These sounds create their own textures which combine with everything else I’ve just described. I think I’ll save sounds to textures for another post.

2: Climbing into Freshly Laundered Bedsheets

These are already pretty soft. Combine that feel with some fabric softener with the right scent, and this is a quick and easy way for me to relax. It can be further enhanced for me by showering before bedtime. More on certain smells and the textures they cause in future posts.

3: 💓 Laying on Someone’s Chest and Listening to their Heartbeat

Here, the heartbeat creates a nice, warm soft and reliable texture. It makes the person seem substantial to me. It also provides a nice undertone while we watch a movie or something.

The texture of the person’s arm enhances this experience. It provides a tangible corollary to the intangible I’ve just described.


I named three experiences I find extremely enjoyable as a person living with synesthesia. I feel there’s enough groundwork here for future posts on this topic and will probably strive to have at least one out per week. Do you also experience synesthesia? What are some of your favorite experiences? See how you can contribute to the conversation below.