Accessibility Issue with UberEats App

The main point I’m making is that there appears to be an accessibility issue with the UberEats app when using VoiceOver on iOS devices. Specifically, the issue arises when trying to report a problem with an order. Here’s a clearer explanation: When attempting to report an issue with an order on the UberEats app while using VoiceOver (the screen reader for iOS), there are two main problems:

  • Inaccessible Dropdown Menu: The dropdown menu that allows you to select the specific item with issues is inaccessible, even with Screen Recognition enabled. This feature is crucial for reporting the problem accurately.
  • Photo Requirement: After managing to get past the inaccessible dropdown menu once, the app now requires you to upload a photo of the item with issues. This step presents another accessibility barrier for visually impaired users.

Suggested Solution

I propose that Uber should allow users to mark themselves as needing a stable experience for accessibility reasons. This would prevent beta features or experimental updates from being rolled out to those users, ensuring a consistent and accessible experience. Additionally, I suggest that other technology companies could benefit from adopting a similar approach, where users with accessibility needs can opt-out of receiving beta or experimental features that may introduce accessibility issues.