📋 Today's Menu

    Daily menu for May 15, 2024

    🌅 Good morning, imaginary friends in the shiny box. Are you gorgeous?

    Remember, gorgeous can go beyond physical appearance; it’s a state of mind and feeling.

    📋 On today’s menu…

    • 🪒 Shave
    • 🏊 Swim
    • 📲 Call some people
    • 💻 Maybe fix a computer -🧑‍🏫 Start my figurative Twelfth Step
    • 🛜 Stream an Internet radio show and hang out on Discord.
    • 🥬 Get a little high -📱 Hang online with friends

    🎶 Today’s Changeling Wakeup Song

    I Believe in a Thing Called Love–The Darkness It was their only real hit, but there’s no denying that dude’s got some kickass falsetto.

    Have a good one!

    📋 On today’s menu…

    • Catch up on tech news from the last 4 days
    • Shave
    • Daily swim
    • Schedule more inservices for work
    • Timesheet
    • Start the migration of my followers from Mastodon to micro.blog to begin consolidating my online presence.
    • Hang with friends online from mid-evening to bedtime.