Daily menu for May 15, 2024

    🌅 Good morning, imaginary friends in the shiny box. Are you gorgeous?

    Remember, gorgeous can go beyond physical appearance; it’s a state of mind and feeling.

    📋 On today’s menu…

    • 🪒 Shave
    • 🏊 Swim
    • 📲 Call some people
    • 💻 Maybe fix a computer -🧑‍🏫 Start my figurative Twelfth Step
    • 🛜 Stream an Internet radio show and hang out on Discord.
    • 🥬 Get a little high -📱 Hang online with friends

    🎶 Today’s Changeling Wakeup Song

    I Believe in a Thing Called Love–The Darkness It was their only real hit, but there’s no denying that dude’s got some kickass falsetto.

    Have a good one!

    Happy Birthded Agay

    🎶👯Got exposed to another group of waitresses singing “Happy Birthday to You” to a diner. It started out in the key of D and looked promising, but then they hit that high note just before they say the person’s name and dropped into something like B-flat.

    For the record, I think the birthday song needs to be changed. I suggest Rabbit Ain’t GotIt shares it’s melody with Mary Had a Little Lamb, a tune most people can carry in some form. Basically, everyone surrounds the birthday person and sing this song instead. Do it seven times or whenever you end p yelling rather thann singing, as each repetition gets a bit louder. It’s easier on everybody with the same amount of awkward.

    🎶 This micro blog of mine, I’m gonna let it shine! This micro blog of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

    The Nonbinary Experience

    What’s being nonbinary like for you? To understand what it’s like to be Nonbinary for me personally, imagine that you are in a room with people and you are all singing a simple song we all know. Everyone is on key, except the person who’s a half step too high or too low sitting near you. That person is me. It’s not a big deal eat mixed in with everyone like that, but it becomes quite apparent in a one-on-one setting. 🏳️‍🌈 🎶