😸 The cat's Meow

    I would also like to announce I will not be running for the U.S. presidency this year. I endorse Alex the NB Ace Cat.

    😿 Unfortunately, the night is full of thunder. 😽😽 Fortunately, Changeling’s meds aren’t doing their job so they’re up and I can get in the chair with them and snuggle down between their butt and the arm. #CatsMeow

    I don’t know it yet, but changeling’s taking me to the vet AGAIN!!! πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€ Maybe I’ll get lucky enough to not have the sky booms going on while we’re riding in some stranger’s car. #CatsMeow

    😸 Had my first vet appointment today. Not only was I subjected to the various indignities of such a trip, but Changeling was told to fill out a new client form at check-in. It turned out all right, but Changeling is getting good at turning on that What a stupid bitch? face on when someone says something like that to them now. It’s good they’re standing up for themselves more.

    😸 Changeling has a new medical laert bracelet. It’s big, shiny, dangly and more fun than any of my toys.

    I used Perplexity to help with the concept design, Canva with this proof of concept.

    The image consists of a colorful cartoon illustration and a QR code. The illustration shows a cute, white cat piloting a futuristic spaceship with a skull design on the front. The spaceship is flying through space, with a smiling moon in the background. The QR code is positioned above the illustration and includes a small image of a green dinosaur wearing sunglasses. Below the illustration, there is text that reads: "Navigating life Among Humans."

    😸 Changeling has stripped all of the sheets off the bed for washing. I am staging a protest by lying on the mattress and pretending like nothing is wrong until the sheets are returned. #CatsOfMastodon

    😸 The changeling was listening to a song I didn’t like–all the screaming, okay? So I grab his hand and start washing it, and wouldn’t you know, I just happened to hit the thumbs-down on their watch with my paw and get a better song.

    😸 The changeling has a new set of wimming pants. They are hot pink, made of a light material that shows off the muscular tone of their legs and the damn fool looks cuter in them than i do on my best days. I just worry the humans won’t be friendly to an alien in pink swim shorts…

    😸 the alien has been spending a lot of time talking to the people in the shiny noise box with buttons. they also spend a lot of time swimming. I think the shiny box people are brainwashing my alien, so i lay on the computer to protect them. They’re mine. Back off.