I enjoy telling sightlings I put nuclear launch codes in my alt text. This usually follows an exclamation of “Even you have to be able add alt text to images?

    Join us on Thursday, June 13 at Noon Eastern for the webinar, ClearView GO: Fold and Go to Work or School. Learn how the ClearView GO and foldable video magnifiers enable individuals with vision loss to continue reading and writing independently. ACVREP credits available during live presentation. Register: us06web.zoom.us/webinar/regist

    #VisperoTrainingWebinars #ACVREP

    Arriving by August, 2024!

    The Changeling Crew stands outside a shop entrance. At the top center of the image in bold, block letters: Changelings. SUPERIMPOSED over the crew, also in block letters: By Design. The image is styled to be an Etsy shop cover photo.

    Got my first T-shirt back from the printer. Not bad.

    Changeling standing against a wall wearing a grey shirt with the navigating life among humans logo and text.

    One good thing about the world slowly slipping into the dark ages as the number of platforms that make crowd funding easy is that I’ll finally be able to have a guide dragon like this medieval blind boy.

    The image is a whimsical illustration featuring a young boy and a dragon. The boy is standing on the left, looking up at the dragon with a smile. He is dressed in medieval-style clothing, including a tunic, belt, and boots, and is holding a small sword in his right hand. The dragon is sitting on its haunches to the right of the boy. It has green scales, a cream-colored underbelly, and orange wings. The dragon is wearing a harness with a large ring on its chest. The overall scene has a friendly and adventurous feel.

    If there were a contest awarding a prize for the best graphic demonstrating the importance of accessibility for all, what would you submit? Text only descriptions of the graphics are perfectly fine.

    The image shows a scene with a person sitting at a desk, facing a computer screen. The person is surrounded by five colorful dragons, each with a unique color: green, blue, red, pink, and purple. The dragons appear to be interacting with the person or the computer. Above the image, the text reads "Accessibility," and below the image, the text reads "Is For Everyone!" The overall message seems to emphasize the importance of accessibility for all.

    Thrust Your Opinion On Me! No really. It's fine.

    I’m almost sorry when new tech features come out now. They always seem to promote the new wave of people with a “truly unique” opinion they just have to thrust upon you without geeting your concent to become aware of said opinion. I liked the world better when things like religion, politics and personal choices were matters of the heart and not a branding avenue.

    Realtime Reflections of WWDC2024 KeyNote

    Auto-generated description: A green alien is sitting on a futuristic pink fountain surrounded by trees and a park-like setting.

    It’s #WWDC2024!!! Watch this thread for my reactions. And watch the actual event on Apple’s Official Events site

    I’ll be watching #WWDC2024 today at 13:00 Eastern and putting my thoughts as replies to one post. scan the QR code at 13:00 Eastern to be taken to my thread and to be provided with a link to the official event.

    QR code with Changeling logo and the directive Scan to be redirected to the content.

    I have a finished design. Canva public page

    Design for a T-shirt. On the left is a pitbull driving a motorcycle with a city scape in the background. On the right is a cat and an alien riding in a spaceship. The text at the bottom reads: Navigating life among humans.

    I used Perplexity to help with the concept design, Canva with this proof of concept.

    The image consists of a colorful cartoon illustration and a QR code. The illustration shows a cute, white cat piloting a futuristic spaceship with a skull design on the front. The spaceship is flying through space, with a smiling moon in the background. The QR code is positioned above the illustration and includes a small image of a green dinosaur wearing sunglasses. Below the illustration, there is text that reads: "Navigating life Among Humans."

    When i start the day only meaning to go to work, pick up my prescriptions and go home and also add in three hours arguing with DHL because they were more focused on their corp policy rather than fixing their mistake and I get to read them the riot act and use my Don’t F with me, Sport! voice on a DHL manager, I know almost anything is possible from today.

    If you’ll excuse me, I need to exchange all my #Apple gear for Microsoft and Android. At least they have a way for me to sync ringtones and their accessibility help desks give you answers other than, Well it works for us so we don’t know what the problem is.

    Question: Who is gina and how does she organize the chaos? And how did she establish ownership over the chaos once she organized it?

    🧞 When you enter a social situation and someone misgenders you—not a huge deal, then makes such a show of correcting that everyone in the room has a front row seat to to the shit show… That, I’ve just discovered, is worse than someone getting it wrong by accident to begin with or just not giving a fuck and doing whatever they want..

    😸 Changeling has stripped all of the sheets off the bed for washing. I am staging a protest by lying on the mattress and pretending like nothing is wrong until the sheets are returned. #CatsOfMastodon

    I now have a Guest Appearances page that has links to all of my guest spots and guest hosting events.

    This is definitely worth listening to, particularly the part about Braille books being burned. If you don’t see parody between that and what is going on now, I’d love to try on your realitiy blinders.

    #LivingBlindfully Transcript, Living Blindfully episode 284, celebrating 200 years of Braille and a bright future, lawyers who think all blind people can’t read, and Sonos makes progress while understating the impact of recent events - livingblindfully.com/lb0284tra

    I completely agree with this. lots of sites are “accessible”, but confusing as hell.

    When we are talking to technology companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon and others we need to move their focus away from "compliance" and talk about "usability". It isn't enough to be "compliant". Often this doesn't mean anything in the scheme of things. The true test is how usable is the technology we are buying and using in the market. Let's turn up the heat and hold these companies to account to ensure that not only are things accessible but they are truly usable.

    In reply to x.com/debramjac…

    Thank you for the kind words. also, for the chance to appear as part of this important project.

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